India will protect its interests in disputed South China Sea

Navy Chief Admiral D K Joshi

Navy Chief Admiral D K Joshi

In the midst of the recent concern of China’s new boarding laws–which if looked at closely appear to be less threatening than all the media hype suggests–the Indian Navy Chief Admiral D K Joshi has commented on India’s view on the South China Sea at a recent press conference. An excerpt of his speech and a link to the video are included in the jump.

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Zhang Zheng, China’s Carrier Commander Interviewed

On 25SEP12, China’s state-run TV station, CCTV, broadcast an exclusive interview with the Liaoning’s commander, Zhang Zheng. Here’s an excerpt from what he had to say on the country’s future naval doctrine:

I can tell you there are three things that I think are quite important: firstly, the integration of naval aviation and surface combatants — we need to establish some new kind of specialists. We have to train them and make them effective. Secondly, I think it’s quite important also to set up new safety procedures, since as you know the flight deck is … small compared to airfields on land. … Finally, I think the management of this ship is also very important … We don’t have enough experience running this type of ship. That’s why I think administration — the structure and the principles — should be modified.

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China: Deep-Water Rigs as Strategic Weapons

China’s Nine Dash line map was first published by the Republic of China in 1948 under the heading “Map of the locations of the South China Sea Islands”.

On 30AUG12, the Wall Street Journal, ran an interesting piece that had China and naval warfare bloggers abuzz. The Chairman of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), Wang Yilin, reportedly told audiences that “[l]arge scale deep-water [oil] rigs are our mobile national territory and a strategic weapon.” Wang’s comments came after China had launched its first deep-water oil rig, the Haiyang Shiyou 981 (HYSY 981), in May.

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New Equipment For Philippine Navy Ships

BRP Gregorio Del Pila (PF-15)

According to a report on 08SEP12 in the Manila Bulletin, a top defense official said the Hamilton-class cutters of the Philippine Navy (PN) will get sophisticated radars and an anti-ship missile system to make the vessels more capable of engaging intruders to Philippine territorial waters.

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China Appoints Major Officers for Garrison in South China Sea

Earlier this week (26JUL12) Chinese authorities announced the appointment of major officers of the Military Garrison Command for Sansha. Sansha is the capital of the newly created administrative region of Yongxin Island.

Some analysts interpret Sansha’s presence in the hotly-disputed South China Sea as a passive-aggressive exertion of power over the region.

China’s State Council established its authority in Sansha in late June in a possible response to Vietnam’s declaration of marking one of the region’s islands as its own.

In an interview with Time Magazine, maritime security specialist at the Japan Institute for International Affairs in Tokyo, Tetsuo Kotani, said the decision to appoint major officers for the Sansha garrison shows that the tension in the South China Sea is increasing.

US presence is expected to continue, and both the Philippines and Vietnam have stated that they will not recognize China’s newly-formed city.