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Hermes Class (CVM)
Rajput Class (DDGHM)

1 Hermes Class (CVM)

BAY OF BENGAL (Sept. 5, 2007) – INS Varaat steams in formation in the Bay of Bengal during exercise Malabar 07-2 Sept. 5. The multinational exercise includes naval forces from India, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and the United States. In addition to the Viraat, taking part in the formation are USS Kitty Hawk, USS Nimitz, JS Yuudachi, JS Ohnami, RSS Formidable, HMAS Adelaide, INS Ranvijay, INS Brahmaputra, INS Ranjit, USS Chicago and USS Higgins.

Viraat (ex-Hermes)


Vickers Shipbuilding Ltd, Barrow-in-Furness

Commissioned on18 Nov 1959

Displacement: 23,900 tons standard and 28,700 tons with full load
Dimensions: Length – 226.5 metres.
Beam – 48.78 metres.
Draught – 8.8 metres.
Main Machinery 4 Admiralty Boilers (400psi); 2 Parsons Geared Turbines
Maximum Speed 28 Knots
Maximum Range 6500 miles at 14 knots.
Complement 1350 (incl. 143 Officers with the air group)
Missiles 2 Octuple IAI/Rafae Barak 1 VLS command line of sight radar or optical guidance to 10 km at Mach 2 (warhead 22 kg)
Guns 4 x 30mm/65 (2 twin) AK230; 500 rds/min to 5 km
Countermeasures Decoys; 2 x Knebworth Corvus chaff launchers
Radar Air Search: One Bharat/Signaal RAWL 02 radar at C/D-band frequency.
Air/Surface Search:  One RAWS 08 radar at E-band frequency.
Navigation:  Two Bharat Rashmi radars at I-band frequency
Fire Control:  IAI/Elta EL/M-2221; KA-Band
Tacan:  FT 13-S/M
Sonar One Graseby Type 184M hull-mounted sonar, with active search & attack capability from 6-9 khz
Combat Data System Italian Elmar communication suites have been fitted. CAAIS action data automation; Link 10. Has SATCOM
Fixed Wing Aircraft 12 Sea Harriers FRS Mk 52 (Capacity for 30)
Helicopters 7 Sea King Mk 42B/C; ASW/ASV/Vertrep and Ka-27 Helix; Ka-31 Helix
Programmes Purchased in May 1986 from the UK, refitted in Devonport Dockyard and commissioned in the Indian Navy 20 May 1987
Modernisation UK refit included new fire-control equipment, navigation radars and deck landing aids. Boilers were converted to take distillate fuel and the ship was given improved NBC protection. New search radar in 1995. Further modernization in 1999-2001 refit, improved indigenous RAWL 02 (Mk II) and Rashmi radars for CCA/navigation, EW equipment and new communication systems. A further refit, completed in December 2004 included installation of Barak CIWS. This has replaced the previously fitted 40mm guns.
Structure Fitted with a 12º ski jump and reinforced flight deck (.75 in). 1 to 2 in of armour over magazines and machinery spaces. Four LCVP on after davits. Magazine capacity includes 80 lightweight torpedoes. Barak launchers are recessed in the starboard side of the flight deck, aft of the island.

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5 Rajput (Kashin II) Class (Project 61ME) (DDGHM)


INS Rajput

INS Rana 

 INS Ranjit 

INS Ranvir 

INS Ranvijay








Nikolayev North (61 Kommuna)

Commissioning dates  D51: 30 Sep 1980

D52: 28 Jun 82

D53: 24 Nov 83

D54: 28 Oct 86

D55: 15 Jan 88

Displacement: 3950 tons standard and 4974 tons with full load
Dimensions: Length – 147 metres.
Beam – 15.8 metres.
Draught – 5 metres.
Main Machinery CoGAG; 4 Ukraine gas turbines;  72,000 hp, two shafts
Maximum Speed 35 Knots
Maximum Range 4000 miles at 18 knots; 2600 miles at 30 knots.
Complement 320 (incl. 35 Officers)
Guns 2 x 3 in (76mm)/59 AK 726 (twin fwd); 90 rds/min to 16 km;8 x 30mm/65 (4 twin) AK230 (D51,52,53); 500rds/min to 5km2 x 30mm//65AK 630 (6 barrels per mounting on D54,55); 3000 rds/min to 2 km
Countermeasures 4 PK 16 chaff launchers for radar decoy and distraction
Radar Air Search: One Bharat/Signaal RAWL 02 radar at C/D-band frequency.
Air/Surface Search:  One RAWS 08 radar at E-band frequency.
Navigation:  Two ‘Don Kay’, I-band
Fire Control:  Refer to ‘Weapons’ sub-section.
IFF: 2 High Pole B

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