Indian Navy

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Established officially in 1934, the Indian Navy has evolved into the fifth largest maritime force in the world. The IN is currently comprised of 60,000 members which includes 5,000 in the Naval Air Arm and 2,000 in the Marine Commandos. Despite having an ageing fleet, India’s maritime force maintains a 5:1 advantage over its immediate threat, Pakistan, and has in recent years pushed aggressively toward developing a nuclear triad as well as create a full blue water navy in order to secure the Indian Ocean region. In doing so, India hopes its growing naval capability will shortly reflect its growing economic and political influence on the world stage.

Command and Control of the Indian Navy is hierarchically structured with a Chief of Naval Staff assisted by four principal staff officers–the vice chief of naval staff, deputy chief of naval staff, chief of personnel and chief of material–based at naval HQ in New Delhi. As self reporting indicates, all staff officers are reportedly at the three star level including the commander of the three commands and the flag officers commanding-in-chief. There are reportedly 16 vice admirals including the commander of coastal command.

FOCWF – Flag Officer Commanding Western Fleet FOCEF – Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Fleet
FOMA – Flag Officer Commanding Maharashtra AOR ASD – Admiral Superintendent of Dockyard
COMCOS – Flag Officer Commanding Submarines NOIC – Naval Officer in Charge
FOGA – Flag Officer Commanding Goa AOR FOST – Flag Officer Sea Training Command
FODAG – Flag Officer Offshore Defense Advisory Group LND – Local Naval Defense

As observed from the organization chart, the navy has three single-service commands, Western, Eastern, and Southern, with their headquarters located at Mumbai, Vishakhapatnam (Vizag), and Kochi (Cochin), respectively. The Western and Eastern Commands are responsible for their respective fleets and Southern Command is responsible for all training.


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