Tata LPTA 713

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Manufacturer: TATA.

Role: General Service Role in 2.5 ton class.

Engine: TATA Cummins 6 BT.

Clutch: Hydraulically Assisted.

Gear Box: Synchromesh.

Axles: Both live axle and differential lock provided.

Brakes: Air over hydraulic brakes with independent hydraulic circuits for front and rear brakes.

Electrical: 12 Volts.

Steering: Power Steering.

Gradeability: 31º

Variant: Troop Carrier, Ambulance, 2KL Water Bowser.


The Tata LPTA 713 TC is a light utility truck in service with the Indian Army and several other countries. Over 15,000 of these military trucks were delivered to the Indian Army alone. Vehicles had been exported to Afghanistan, Nepal and South Africa. The Tata is the largest of India’s automobile company.

Other production versions of the Tata LPTA 713 TC include a field ambulance accommodating up to four stretchers. Around 400 of these vehicles have been built. There is also a Tata LPTA 715 water tanker, fitted with a 2 000 liter capacity tank. 600 of these tankers have been ordered by the Indian Army. There is also a light armored troop carrier version of the Tata LPTA 713 TC accommodating driver and 9-12 passengers. Armor provides protection for the troops against 7.62-mm ball rounds.


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