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BHIM T6 is one of the finest 155 mm 52 calibre Self-Propelled Guns available today with high firepower, mobility and system availability.It consists of the fully autonomous T6 turret equipped with 155mm 52 calibre armament that can fire to a maximum range of 42 km mated with derivative MBT Arjun Chassis. The projectiles are of  the  extended  range  full  bore  type  (ERFB)  and  provide  increased  range  and  terminal effectiveness compared to other 155 mm systems. Accuracy is exceptional. At 75% of maximum range, the probable error specification is only 0.48% of range and 1 mil in deflection.  The vehicle is equipped with 1400 hp power pack and the state of the art hydro-gas suspension. The high mobility and exceptional ballistics  together with  the comprehensive sub-systems make BHIM T6 one of the finest 155 mm Self –Propelled guns available today.
The salient features of this equipment are:

Fully autonomous T6  turret mated with high mobility chassis system, Extended Range Full Bore (ERFB)  type projectiles, Modular charges, High Accuracy, Long range, High rate of  fire, Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact (MRSI), Muzzle velocity-measuring radar, Gun barrel cooling, Barrel retraction, Rapid deployment and quick displacement, Fully automatic laying and navigation, Fully automatic  ammunition  loading,  Replenishing  while  firing  is  in  progress,  Sight  for  direct  firing, Power  and  manual  backup,  Automatic  Fire  detection  /  extinguishing,  81  mm  stroke  grenade launchers, Escape hatch provision, High power  to weight ratio, Hydro-gas suspension, Excellent ride comfort, Superior strategic and tactical mobility, Transportable by train.

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