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The Pontoon Bridge Set is used by Army to transport military vehicles over water obstacles and marshy grounds.  It consists of various members like mid-stream & shore for assembling a bridge over water obstacles.  Mid-stream,  shore  &  road  laying  members  are  loaded  on  BEML-Tatra vehicles thereby allowing for easy  transportation of the equipments. The set is fully equipped for unloading / loading of the members and formation of the bridge within a short span of time. The maximum load carrying capacity of the bridge is 60 tonnes.

Mid-stream members are joined together to form the floating bridge.  Shore members are connecting to the mid-stream members & serve as the transition section between the floating part and the bank.  The  bulldozer  attachment  fitted  on  the  road  laying  truck  is  used  for  creating approached  road,  removal of obstacles etc.  road laying members are used  for consolidating on the soft soil terrain. Ferries can also be constructed by using Mid-stream & Shore members. The ferry can carry individual loads from one bank to another with the boats pushing it.

 The boat loaded on the dolly is towed by a BEML-Tatra vehicle. Dolly is equipped with the system for launching the boat as well as loading the boat back. The boat is used for pushing / towing the pontoon members for the bridge construction as well as for pushing the ferry.

The truck mounted crane is used for loading / unloading of various members both at launching as well as in the maintenance work shops.

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