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Vehicle Name WER’WOLF Mk II Modular Mine Protected Vehicle
Engine Max. output 162 kW (224 hp) @ 2400 rpm
Engine Max. torque 825 Nm @ 1400 to 1700 rpm
Gearbox Model Eaton – 6 speed
No. of gears 6 – Forward and 1 – Reverse
Steering System Power Assisted
Brakes Dual circuit full pneumatic with integral emergency brake
Tyres 10.00 – 20 – 4 Nos.
Performance 125 kmph or 77.5 mph on paved road90 kmph or 55.8 mph on hard even sand road70% on paved surface15 meters or 49.2 feet – kerb to kerb
The BEML Wer’wolf MK II Mine Protected Vehicle is used to transport and protect personnel crossing potential minefields. The vehicle is armored all around including the underbelly, so as to mitigate the damages caused by an exploded mine in the path of the vehicle.

The vehicle can also be used as a pilot vehicle to clear mines so that non protected vehicles can follow the MPV without damage.

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