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Engine   T3B-928-10 EURO  1,  8 Separate Cylinders  in  2  bands  forming  a  ‘V’ with 90o. Air-cooled, Multi-fuel and with direct fuel injection
Horsepower 230 kW @ 2200 rpm

Synchromesh  type  10  Forward,  2  Reverse  except  for  first  and  reverse speeds, gear shifting by manual, mechanical with pneumatic booster

Hook Lifting Capacity 12 Tons
Recovery Crane 5 Tons @ 1.62 m radius
Axles Swing half axles separately sprung
Suspension  Torsion  bars  with  shock  absorbers  on  front  axle  and  air  bellows and telescopic shock absorbers on rear axles
Tyres Tubed type, size – 15.00 x 21 – 4 Nos.
Speed 90 kmph max.

BEML-Tatra T815 VI 4×4 chassis has been modified to accommodate Medium recovery vehicle. The  superstructure  has  a  crane  with  lift  capacity  of  5  Tonne  and  able  carry  the  load.  The superstructure is mounted suitably on the chassis behind drivers cab. It is a twin winch twin rope type hydraulically operated for slewing, lifting and lowering. The boom  is strong enough  to bear stresses  and  strains  of  recovery  work  from  both  rear  and  side.  This hydraulic version Light Recovery Vehicle provided utmost ease of operation.

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