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Type of article Tread way, blade
Mass (with individual SPTA set) 1000 kg
Length from vehicle nose up to front point of Anti-bottom mine sweeping device 1190 mm
Width of article mounted on vehicle
In traveling position 3380 mm
In working position 3870 mm
Running speed in working position 6 ~ 15 kmph
Surmountable obstacles
Maximum ascent (decent) 23o
Maximum roll 20o
Width of ditch 2.5 m
Height of obstacle 200 mm Max.
Depth of snow covering 400 mm Max.
The Engineering Mine  plough  supplied  by BEML  is  available  in  two  versions:  the  Track Width Mine Plough  (TWMP) and  the Full Width Mine Plough  (FWMP). The TWMP has eight tines per side  while  the  FWMP  clears  the  whole  width  of  the  vehicle. The FWMP and the TWMP are designed to be interchangeable. The TWMP comprises two independent blades, left and right. The hydraulic cylinder lowers and raises the equipment from the control box. The FWMP is exactly the same as the TWMP with the addition of a third plough blade in the centre with two arms.  At present, the Mine plough can be fitted to any tank. A quick-fit mounting enables the Mine plough to be fitted or removed within approximately 15 minutes. Existing eyes at the top of the toe plate are used to pin the plough in place, allowing the Mine plough to be fitted or removed.

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