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Engine T3-900-54,  Super  Charged,  Air-cooled  Multi-fuel  Engine  with  direct  fuel injection
Horsepower 265 kW (355 HP) @ 2200 rpm
Gear Box Gear  box  with  gear  wheels  and  direct  gear  shifting  has  10  Forward,  2 Reverse driving
Recovery Crane 11 tons @ 2 m radius (15 tons with stabilizer)
Lifting Capacity 2.7 tons @ 11.4 m radius (3.8 tons with stabilizer)
Recovery Winch  Maximum tractive force with direct pull – Front 139kN, Rear-147 KNMaximum tractive force with triple pull – Front 394.5kN, Rear 422 KN
Auxiliary Winch Max tractive force with direct pull – 6.85 KN
Tyres Wide based, tubeless, size – 18.00 x 22.5
Speed 70 kmph max.

HRV AV 15 vehicle is designed to recover stuck-up, buried or overturned causalities of armored or engineering vehicles. This has a recovery crane with lifting capacity of 15 tons @ 2m radius with stabilizers. The recovery winch has a pull of 15 tons for effective length of 150m. This vehicle is provided with all wheel drive for maximum traction, swinging half axles for better cross country mobility, centralized tyre inflation, deflation system, self recovery from front and rear, light dozing up to 250mm with dozer attachment. Cutting and Welding Equipment is provided for emergency use.  It can  tow rigid and suspended up to 11  tons,  tow  trailers up to 15  tons  in cross country and 65 tons on highways

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