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Gauge 1676 mm
Length over Head Stocks 15510 mm
Length over Coupling Faces 16780 mm
Distance between center of Bogies 11850 mm
Width over Body 3048 mm
Floor Height from Rail Level 1306 mm
Axle Load 22.9 Tonnes
Tare Weight 35.50 Tonnes
Payload Capacity 56.1 Tonnes
Gross Weight 91.6 Tonnes
Wheel Diameter 1000 mm
Maximum Speed 65 kmph
BWTB Wagons  are  fitted  with  single  pipe  graduated  release  Airbrake  system  with  L  –  type composition  brake  block  as  per  Indian Railway  standard. Hand wheel type parking brakes are provided on both bogies for parking the wagon on gradients.BWTB Wagons are  fitted with  transition  type center buffer couplers along with side buffers. This enables the wagon to be coupled to other rolling stocks either with center buffer couplers of screw couplers. Loading flaps are provided over side buffer to facilitate loading of battle tanks. Lashing chains, Track guides  &  scotch  blocks  are  provided  for  securing  the  battle  tanks  during transportation.

BWTB Wagons are primarily used for transportation of battle tanks, heavy artillery equipment and Military vehicles.

The underframe is a heavy welded structure. The main girders are made out of high strength micro alloyed steel to IS: 8500, Gr. 540. The other sections are made out of general purpose structural steel to IS: 2062. The middle portion of under frame has a well length of 6100 mm to depth of 245 mm. The body bolsters which support the underframe on bogies are of fabricated box sections to withstand all types of service loads. The ends of underframe i.e., head stocks are also welded ‘C’ sections out of plates. These headstocks house the center buffer coupler and side buffers and are strong enough to withstand all buffing and draw forces.

Proven design, light weight CASNUB-22NLB cast steel bogies fitted with spring plank; long travel helical springs and load proportionate friction damping arrangement as per RDSO specification WD-21-CASNUB-22 NLB-BOGIE-93.

The  bogie  is  fitted  with  1000 mm  tread  diameter  wheel  set  with  catridge  taper  roller  bearing having  a  wheel  base  of  2000  mm.  Elastomeric pads are provided over the axle to cater for dynamic shocks.

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