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Gauge 1676 mm
Length over Head Stocks 14500 mm
Length over Coupling Faces 15782 mm
Distance between center of Bogies 10000 mm
Width over Body 3550 mm
Floor Height from Rail Level 1306 mm
Axle Load 20.0 Tonnes
Wheel Diameter 915 mm
Carrying Capacity 61.0 Tonnes
Tare Weight 45.1 Tonnes
Gross Weight 106.1 Tonnes
Maximum Speed 40 kmph
BFAT Wagons are fitted with transition type center buffer couplers along with side buffers. This enables the wagon to be coupled to other rolling stocks either with center buffer couplers or screw couplers. Chains with pockets for lashing of tanks on the Wagon are provided. Four numbers of loading end flaps are provided over side buffer at both ends to facilitate loading of MBTs. Lashing chains and track guides are provided for guiding the movement of the tanks during loading and unloading as well as Wedge stops for securing the MBTs during transportation.BFAT Wagons are specially designed for transportation of main battle tanks viz., Arjun, T-72 / T- 90 and BMP-II.

The Underframe is a heavy welded flat structure fabricated with steel plate flooring. Underframe will have provision to accommodate center pivot pin for bogies, buffers and transitional coupling.

Bogies are of 3 Axle fabricated welded type with cylindrical roller bearing and brake linkage. The suspension arrangement is with leaf spring interlinked with the three axles through fulcrum lever.

BFAT Wagons are provided with dual Brake. Air brake system of single pipe graduated release type. Air brake cylinders, valves, reservoirs, piping etc. are mounted on the bottom side of the underframe. The wagons are also provided with a hand brake. Vacuum pipe is also provided for attachment with vacuum rolling stock.

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