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Engine T3B-928-10 EURO  I, 8 separate cylinders  in 2 bands  forming a  ‘V’ with 90 included angle. Air cooled Multi-fuel and with direct fuel injection
Horsepower 230 kW (308 HP) @ 2200 rpm

Synchromesh  type,  10  Forward,  2  Reverse,  except  for  first  and  reverse speeds,  gear shifting by manual, mechanical with pneumatic booster

Axles Swing half axles separately sprung
Suspension Torsion bars with shock absorbers on front axle & air bellows and telescopic shock absorbers on rear axles
Tyres Tubed type, size – 15.00 x 21 – 4 Nos.
Speed 90 kmph max.

BEML-Tatra T815 VI 4×4 high mobility vehicle is used for GS role in Indian Army.  This is a terrain vehicle intended for transport of personnel and having a carrying capacity of 7500 kg on road & 5000 kg on off-road.   The 10 speed gear box is of synchromesh type except for first and reverse speeds.

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