BEML-TATRA T815 27ER96 28 300 8×8.1R / 50T VEHICLE

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Engine T3B-928-70, 8-Cylinder, V-type, Air-cooled, 4-Stroke, Diesel direct injection,Turbocharger with intercooler, compliance with Bharat Stage – II (EURO – II)  Emission norms
Horse Power 300 kW (402 HP) @ 1800 rpm
Transmission Synchromesh type 10 Forward, 2 Reverse, gear shifting by manual, mechanical with pneumatic booster with provision of P.T.O. mounting
Axles Swing half axles separately sprung
Suspension Leaf springs and telescopic shock absorbers on front axles and leaf springs on rear axles
Tyres Tubed type, size – 15.00 x 21
Speed 86 kmph max.
Variants SARVATRA 15m Bridge Laying Role, 30m Telescopic Mobile Mast, Pontoon Carrying Vehicle of Pontoon Bridge Set

BEML-Tatra T815 27ER96 28 300 8×8.1R / 50T is mainly utilized for the mounting of RADAR and Bridge laying systems for use in the Indian Army. The vehicle can also be used to transport  personnel with a payload capacity of 12000 kg. The vehicle has a towing capacity for trailers up to 65,000 kg on public roads and trailers weighing up to 16000 kg on uneven terrain. The equipment is provided with a winch for self-recovery (and recovery of other vehicles) as well as a centralized tyre inflation system inside the cabin which enables inflation / deflation of tyres depending on terrain conditions.

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One thought on “BEML-TATRA T815 27ER96 28 300 8×8.1R / 50T VEHICLE

  1. let me know that pay load is necessary only at the time of towed tailer having tank or always also during prime over duty

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