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Engine T3-930-54,  12-cylinder,  V-type,  Air-cooled,  Multi-fuel  turbocharged  with direct fuel injection
Horsepower 265 kW (355 HP) @ 2200 rpm
Transmission Synchromesh  type,  10  Forward,  2  Reverse,  gear  shifting  by  manual, mechanical with pneumatic booster
Axles Swing half axles separately sprung

Leaf springs and telescopic shock absorbers on front axles and leaf springs on rear axles

Tyres Tubed type, size – 15.00 x 21 – 8 Nos.
Speed 80 kmph max.

Prithvi Missile is a transporter cum launcher vehicle. The missile  is  transported  on  launcher  in horizontal  mode  and  articulated  to  vertical  mode  using  hydraulic  control  system.  Electronic controller provides the desired safety inter locks during articulation. The  launching of  the missile is done over a  launch  table adjusting  the missile vertically  to  the desired  level using  the  leveling system. The theodolite provided on the changing system provided on the launcher helps to check the azimuth alignment.  The  warhead  changing  system  provided  on  the  launcher  is  used  for changing the warhead in-situ. Provision has also been made to mount the launch pad computer.  A 2kw DC Gen set will be provided on the launcher, which will give the power required for pre-launch check of the missile and launcher electronic controllers.

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