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Engine T3-930-54,  12-cylinder,  V-type,  Air-cooled,  Multi-fuel  turbocharged  with direct fuel injection
Horsepower 265 kW (355 HP) @ 2200 rpm
Transmission Synchromesh  type,  10  Forward,  2  Reverse,  gear  shifting  by  manual, mechanical with pneumatic booster
Axles Swing half axles separately sprung
Suspension Leaf springs and telescopic shock absorbers on front axles and leaf springs on rear axles
Tyres Tubed type, size – 15.00 x 21 – 8 Nos.
Speed 80 kmph max.

Oxidiser container is meant to carry approximately 160 ltrs oxidizer sufficient to fill the PRITHVI missile tank. Three such containers are mounted on  a  carrier  vehicle Tatra VVL. This modular concept of design helps to transport the oxidizer from factory to deport and further to the missile maintenance battery for filling into the missile. These containers are designed as unfired pressure vessels  in order  to serve  the dual purpose of  transporting as well as  transferring  the oxidizer  to missile  tank under pressure with  the help of pressure  transfer equipment. The modular concept as  such  brings  down  total  inventory,  reduces  risk  due  to  spacing  of  propellants  and  ease  of replacement as containers are smaller in size.

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