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Engine Horse Power 572 kW
Crane Lifting Capacity For 8.0 m Boom – 13.5 TFor 5.8 m Boom – 15.0 T
Recovery Winch:
Main Winch 31 Ton Pull
Auxiliary Winch 02 Ton Pull
Length and Diameter of Main-Winch Rope 200m Long & 28.5mm Dia.
Maximum Travel Speed 60 Km/Hr
Battle Weight 42 Ton
Total Width 3370 mm
Total Length 8500 mm
Overall Height 2710 mm
Power To Weight Ratio 13.6 KW / T
Nominal Ground Pressure 0.085 mpa
Crew 4 Persons

The WZT-3 is based on a modified T-72M main battle tank chassis. It is fitted with a crane, winch and front-mounted dozer. The main mission of this vehicle is to evacuate damaged tracked vehicles from the battlefield. It also recovers overturned and swamped main battle tanks in different terrains. The WZT-3 provides maintenance service in the field, or tows damaged MBTs to maintenance units. Vehicle also performs earth moving activities, or digs combat emplacements.

 A jib crane has a 15 t capacity for 5.8 m boom and 13.5 t capacity for 8 m boom. The crane is less powerful comparing with contemporary Western ARVs, however it’s power is adequate to lift turret or powerpack of the T-72 MBT. If repairs are required to a vehicle’s suspension, the crane raises the front of back of the vehicle to allow access to the damaged system. When not required the crane lays along the left side of the hull.

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