Pak-Turkey Naval Exercises Begins on 05NOV12

Pakistan and Turkey will hold 10-day joint naval exercises in Turkey from November 5 to 14. Pakistan Navy ship PNS Shamsheer and Pakistan Navy aircraft P3C-Orion will participate in the exercise Mavi Baline-12, an official statement said Saturday. The vessel is a multi-mission frigate and embarks a Z9EC helicopter.

PNS Shamsheer is the second ship of SWORD Class Frigates and is mainstay of Pakistan Navy surface combatants. The ship will stay at Aksaz Naval Base from 5-8 November and at Antalya from 12-14 November. 

According to,

Mavi Balina exercise is fast transforming into an important regional forum to promote Collaborative Maritime Security and interoperability.

The presence of a number of major navies and various senior delegations from important countries is indicative of the fact that Mavi Balina is evolving into a common forum for both Western and Eastern nations, to share, discuss and propose solutions for Collaborative Maritime Security which is one of the critical contemporary maritime challenges.


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