IAF issues RfP to Honeywell for Jaguar engines

Jane’s, among others, reports the Indian Air Force (IAF) dispatching a request for proposals (RfP) on 15OCT12 to Honeywell Aerospace for 270 F-125IN turbofan engines for installation on its fleet of 125 SEPECAT Jaguar ground-attack aircraft. (A version of the F-125 is already used to power Taiwan’s Indigenous Defense Fighter.)

The F-125 will solve the problems with the Jaguar as they have reportedly become over weight and under powered since their introduction in India in 1979.

However, the engines are part of a wider upgrade that by 2022-23 will see locally license-built Jaguar S(I)/B(I)/M(I) versions equipped with the Display Attack Ranging Inertial Navigation III (DARIN III) avionics suite, which includes a glass cockpit, autopilot, and precision-guided munitions delivery capability.

The recent RfP isn’t much of a surprise since Rolls-Royce pulled out of the contest in February 2011 leaving Honeywell Aerospace the only other company in the running for the contract.

Additional details were reported by Stratpost

The contract is to be executed in two phases. In the first phase, that of design and development, Honeywell will be required to conduct a trial modification of two Jaguar aircraft with its F-125IN engines, which is expected to be completed by 2015-2016.

The engines of the rest of the aircraft will be replaced by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), which is the manufacturer of the aircraft, under transfer of technology from Honeywell, for which there will be back-to-back contracts between the two. HAL will be the lead integrator responsible for marrying the new engines with the aircraft.

The engine replacement of all the aircraft is expected to be completed by 2023. The total order will be for 270 engines, to cater for all the twin-engine aircraft and spares. While the value of the order is not known, it was estimated to be worth around USD 700 million in 2011.


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