India’s $2Bn Border Solution

Defence News reported on 24OCT12 India’s plans to build a so-called “Border Space Command” (probably as a part of India’s existing Border Security Force) in a larger effort to manage the country’s more than 15,000-kilometer border with China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar, according to an Indian Defence Ministry source. In so doing, the Home Ministry finalized the plan this month to spend more than $2 billion in the next five years on the command.

The Home Ministry plans to send “expressions of interest” to overseas companies for advanced solutions, the source said. The ministry will also assess available worldwide technologies to create a blueprint for the plan, which will include acquiring a dedicated Home Ministry satellite, and setting up ground structures with advanced sensors, fences and electronic equipment linked to command structures. [Defense News also elaborated on the use of satellites in this new plan which may suggest increasingly emphasis on spending]

This year, India sent a team to Israel to learn from that country’s experience in erecting the security barrier along the West Bank and Gaza Strip and to assess technologies New Delhi could use, an official from the Home Ministry said.

India launched its fencing project in 1986, and only 40 percent of the border is fenced, the paramilitary source said.


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