Indo-Malaysian Harimau Shakti Exercise Ends

Chindits via Flicker

The first ever Indo-Malaysian Army exercise, Harimau Shakti, focusing on counterterrorism and counter insurgency ended on 23OCT12, according to recent media reports. An Indian military representative was quoted as saying that the countries plan on making this an annual event rotating exercises between their respective training grounds.

The name of the exercise is derived from Harimau, Malaysian for ‘tiger’, and Shakti, Sanskrit for power. This intial exercise saw 25 Indian officers of the Tezpur based 4 Corps partake in table-top and sand table fighting.

According to Defense News,

The two countries’ air forces enjoy advanced relations. A team of Indian Air Force pilots and technicians recently spent two years in Malaysia to train Malaysian military pilots, weapon system operators and maintenance staff in the operation of their Russian-built Su-30MKM fighter jets. India also helped Malaysia set up a systems school for the Su-30MKM at Gong Kedak Air Base.

As part of its “look east” policy, India has increased its strategic ties with Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. India and Malaysia first signed a memorandum of understanding on defense cooperation in 1992.


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