India Successfully Test-fires Dhanush

File photo of Dhanush, the naval version of the Prithvi missile (Credit: the Hindu)

A day following the launch of the land-based Prithvi-II, India successfully test-fired the nuclear-capable Dhanush (SS-350) ballistic missile off the coast of Odisha for its full range of 350km, according to a press release from the DRDO.**

The surface-to-surface Dhanush, a naval variant of the Prithvi-II, was fired at 11:25 a.m. by personnel of the Strategic Forces Command as a part of regular training.

Developed by the DRDO, the missile is about 8.53 metre in length and 0.9 metre in diameter. This single stage missile uses liquid propellant and can target ships as well as  land targets depending on  range.

The missile was originally announced in 1998 however, the first test in April 2000 ended in failure. Two years and two successful tests later, the DRDO declared the Dhanush ready for induction after completing sea trials in September 2002.

Since then, the DRDO conducted the first successful underwater launch of the Dhanush from a specially designed canister placed in an artificial body of water in October 2004 and saw subsequent  success after launching from the INS Subhadra in the following month.

Additional tests took place in March 2007 and has led the navy to order the missile for the INS Subhadra and the INS Suvarna.

**(Most Indian news sources reported information derived from the press release.)


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