India’s Military Modernization: Plans and Strategy

If you’ve been following Indian news for the last couple of years, then the points made by Gurmeet Kanwal, in the National Bureau of Asian Affairs latest Q&A series are not new for you. However, if you’ve recently started to follow India, Gurmeet’s article does a great job of going over what you’ve missed out on in regards to India’s  Military Modernization. In looking at all three branches, Gurmeet discusses various upgrades and acquisitions in progress and outlines India’s strategic doctrine. In doing so, he attempts to suggest that increased military capability will lead to India taking greater responsibility on the world stage and possibly, referring to a recent Shiv Shankar Menon speech, some risk-taking. However, he rightfully describes India’s cautious approach with foreign powers as it seeks to maintain greater autonomy–although with India’s slow moving modernization efforts–possibly at its own peril.

You can read the full report here.

If you’re interested in learning more about India’s revamped strategic policy, Nonalignment 2.0, you can find a link to the paper here.

And lastly, a link to India’s Lok Sabha Standing Committe on Defence document entitled MoD Demands for Grants 2012-13 can be accessed here.


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