Man arrested for ‘offensive’ tweets against Chidambaram’s son Karti

Chidambaram during the 2G scandal

On 31OCT12, PTI/IBN reported on the recent arrest of a Puducherry man after he made “offensive” messages on social media regarding the finances of Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s son Karti. He was later released on bail.

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IAF issues RfP to Honeywell for Jaguar engines

Jane’s, among others, reports the Indian Air Force (IAF) dispatching a request for proposals (RfP) on 15OCT12 to Honeywell Aerospace for 270 F-125IN turbofan engines for installation on its fleet of 125 SEPECAT Jaguar ground-attack aircraft. (A version of the F-125 is already used to power Taiwan’s Indigenous Defense Fighter.)

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Russia Will Abandon CTR

India’s all weather ally, Russia, has recently announced its intent to withdraw from the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) Program with the United States. During the course of this 21 year program, more than 7,600 warheads, 902 ICBMs and 684 submarine-launched ballistic missiles had been eliminated from Russia’s stores. With the reduction of spending from CTR in Russia, other states like India and Pakistan may now become the focus of securitization and arms reduction. (Since 2004, Congress passed legislation supporting the expansion of the CTR Program to extend to states beyond the former Soviet Union).

Although this is one possibility, the Russians have yet to completely rule out the negotiation of a new amended treaty to reflect the changes in US-Russian relations.

Zhang Zheng, China’s Carrier Commander Interviewed

On 25SEP12, China’s state-run TV station, CCTV, broadcast an exclusive interview with the Liaoning’s commander, Zhang Zheng. Here’s an excerpt from what he had to say on the country’s future naval doctrine:

I can tell you there are three things that I think are quite important: firstly, the integration of naval aviation and surface combatants — we need to establish some new kind of specialists. We have to train them and make them effective. Secondly, I think it’s quite important also to set up new safety procedures, since as you know the flight deck is … small compared to airfields on land. … Finally, I think the management of this ship is also very important … We don’t have enough experience running this type of ship. That’s why I think administration — the structure and the principles — should be modified.

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Vikramaditya Further Delayed

NDTV on 10OCT12 reports the INS Vikramaditya – India’s second aircraft carrier – is further delayed. The aircraft carrier, being purchased from Russia for USD 2.3 billion or over Rs. 10, 000 crores, is now likely to be given to India only towards the end of 2013, nearly a year after its scheduled delivery date.

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BDL Pays High Dividend to GOI & Expands Capacity

Shri SN Mantha, Chairman and Managing Director, Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) presented a dividend cheque of Rs.47 Crore (USD 8.7 million) for the financial year 2011 – 12 to the Defence Minister Shri A K Antony on 25OCT12 according to a Press Release.

This is the highest dividend ever paid by the company, a Mini-Ratna Category–1 Company, which has achieved a record turnover of Rs.959 Crores (USD 178.4 million) during the financial year 2011– 12.

In order to meet the growing demands of the Indian Armed Forces, BDL has recently embarked on an expansion drive. The company is setting up its fourth manufacturing unit at Amravati in Maharashtra and the fifth one at Ibrahimpatnam in Andhra Pradesh.

Recently, the company has signed two contracts with the Armed Forces for refurbishment of vintage missiles held by the Services, adding another business line to its field of activity.

In pursuit of self-reliance in the field of critical technologies, Bharat Dynamics Limited had also started production of Imaging Infrared Seekers for the Nag Anti-Tank Guided Missile, a move which will put it in the elite group of companies manufacturing the Infrared seekers.