India’s Australian dream

BBC reporting from 21AUG12 indicates that 29,000 Indians, most of them qualified professionals, including software engineers and cooks, became permanent residents in Australia, which is more than 15% of the total intake according to the 2011-12 Migration Programme report.

However, while some may be putting down roots in country, many are itching to go back. Various interviews from successful Indians in Australia indicate that they are keen on returning to the subcontinent to open their own businesses.

“India is at the cusp of evolution as a country that is attractive to a lot of people,” said Ruchir Punjabi, a website entrepreneur with offices in Sydney and Bangalore.

Many successful Indians I’ve personally met in New Delhi have made similar comments and have even mentioned turning down six figure salaries to return home. However, that’s not to say that  their numbers will start declining any time soon, as many understand that overseas employment provides a stepping stone for increased salaries after their return.

Beyond economic gain, Professor Amitabh Mattoo, the Kashmiri-born director of the Australia-India Institute at the University of Melbourne, believes that the flow of people between two nations that reach out into the Indian Ocean will increase because they have mutual values.

“If you look at the two countries you see how much they have in common beyond the usual stereotypes and cliches of the Commonwealth, curry and cricket. These are both multicultural, federal democracies, which have an interest in stability in Asia,” he said.



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