Massive power failure in northern India

Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Rajasthan were affected since late Sunday night (29JUL12) due to major power supply failure in the Northern Power Grid. (The northern grid collapsed at 2.30 am. According to reports, it might take four to five hours for the whole system to come back to normal.)

No metro services in Delhi

Thousands of commuters faced severe hardship in the morning hours today when Delhi Metro services were largely disrupted owing to a major power outage in the Northern Grid that supplies power to the modern transport system.

Train services on all six corridors were affected since morning and the Metro was able to run trains only from 7 am, an hour later than the usual time of 6 am. When the services began at 7 am, only 25 per cent of trains were put on all six corridors affecting commuters. (The train services are expected to be restored soon on all lines except the Gurgaon corridor, which might take some more time.)

As a majority of the trains were taken off services due to power outage, the frequency of trains became an all-time low of 20 minutes on a few corridors in the first few hours in the morning, people were stranded at several Metro stations.

Delhi Metro is getting hydel power from Bhutan on priority basis along with power from AIIMS and Prime Minister’s House to run the services.

The disruption in services came as a jolt to thousands of office-goers who depend on Metro to reach their workplace without any hassle. Delhi Metro carries around 18 lakh passengers a day.

Power failure: Airport services remain unaffected

Operations at the Delhi airport largely remained unaffected. ”As soon as there was a disruption in power supply, all our essential services like flight arrival and departure, check-in, baggage handling, aerobridge services were shifted to our back-up system. So all these operations remained normal”, an airport spokesperson said.

“We have one of the best DG (Diesel Generating) back-up system of the world. However, there might be some disruption in our non-essential services”, he added.

There were reports of air conditioning not functioning in Terminal 1D and some portions of Terminal 3. Also, there was no power in some retail outlets at the airport.

IE 30JUL12

“NDTV is calling this North India’s worst power failure in 10 years.”

Delhi’s six water treatment plants were shut since power failed; five of them are now operational. All Delhi Jal Board water pumping stations have also been affected. Power companies are giving priority to the Jal Board.

Traffic signals in Delhi were also down leading to huge traffic jams and chaos on the road. The Traffic Police says that the areas where power has not been restored will be physically manned till the situation is normal.



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