Interview with Dr. Bates Gill on the Implications of China’s Rise

Speaker: Dr.Bates Gill, expert on Chinese foreign policy and the current director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Date: June, 2012


In the interview with Dr. Bates Gill, he shares his opinions on the implications of China’s rise. China’s dramatic rise is welcomed by the international community but will undoubtedly create tensions and anxieties in her neighboring countries and in the United States. China’s dual identity of being the second largest economy with a low GDP per capita will be difficult for China in the international community. There is likely to be a growing expectation gap from what the international community thinks China can do and what China thinks she can do. China’s application for an observer seat in the Arctic Council presents an interesting case study on how the Arctic States choose to engage with China. Dr. Gill also shares his view on the concept of “Responsibility to Protect” and on China’s position in Syria.

Time markers:

At 4:30 – Is the US more than China, a revisionist power for the international community?

At 6:40 – China’s dual and complicated identity: Second largest economy but low GDP per capita, issues with might money and mind, as well as hard/soft power. What do these issues mean for the expectations of the International Community?

At 16:55 – R2P debate in China and its understanding of the principle as old interventionism wrapped in new clothing


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