Rahul Gandhi, a defence enthusiast?

In his blog post titled “Is Rahul Gandhi a defense enthusiast,” Saurav Jha suggests that Rahul Gandhi has taken an interest in India’s defense industry as he is reportedly looking into India’s indigenous aircraft carrier programme (unfortunately for us Jha cites no sources). However he does provide an interesting quote from one of Rahul’s few speeches in Parliament:

The difference between a powerful country and a country that is not powerful and does not have a similar impact on the world stage is that the powerful country thinks about how it will impact the world. The country that is not so powerful thinks about how the world would impact it. It does not matter which government runs this country. Many governments will run this country in the future. But it does matter how we think about our position in the world. What is important is that we stopworrying about how the world will impact us, we stop being scared about how the world will impact us, and we step out and worry about how we will impact the world

Jha’s post comes in light of author of 24 Akbar Road, Rasheed Kidwai’s recent comments suggesting Rahul will become Raksha Mantri (Hindi for defense minister).

Rediff 19JUL12 / IBN 19JUL12


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