Government Ready to Face any Monsoon Eventuality

Sharad Pawar, Agriculture minister

Agriculture Minister Shri Sharad Pawar on 16JUL12 hailed the agricultural research system for the key role it has played in increasing farm production over the years. Recounting the shift in Indian agriculture from the era of famine and food imports to the present era of surplus, Shri Pawar said that the record foodgrain production of over 250 million tonnes, is a landmark achievement and has been appreciated even by international bodies.

For the first time, India has exported around 50 lakh tonnes of non-basmati rice, 15 lakh tonnes of wheat, 25 lakh tonnes of sugar and more than 100 lakh bales of cotton, the Minister said.

Agriculture Minister, Shri Pawar underlined the dependence of Indian agriculture on monsoon “This continues to challenge the farming community, scientists and the policy makers alike. This year, with monsoon playing hide and seek, it will be really a challenge to maintain the excellent performance of last two years,” he said.

Shri Pawar was speaking at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research Foundation Day and Award Ceremony

Talking to the media on the sidelines, Shri Pawar said that the Government was ready to face any monsoon eventualities. There are sufficient quantities of seed of late-sown varieties of various crops and these have been dispatched to different states. Steps have also been taken to provide sufficient quantities of seeds of rabi pulses to compensate for any loss in pulses production in the kharif season, he said.



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