7 Coast Guard personnel killed in Gwadar

Gunmen on 21JUL12 stormed a Coast Guard camp and killed seven soldiers in Gwadar district, the winter capital of Balochistan.

Though some parts of the province are facing active insurgency but this costal district has been relatively calm. A spokesman of the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF), an anti-state group, calling from unspecified location claimed the responsibility of the attack.

Gwadar Deputy Commissioner Sohailur Rehman told The Nation that unidentified armed men riding motorbikes and vehicles encircled the camp in Peshokan area, some 30KM west of Gwadar town, and opened indiscriminate fire on the security personnel.

Gwadar is a port town that has seen a construction boom over the past decade as part of country’s plans to develop it, with Chinese help, into a trading hub. Balochistan suffers from sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shias and a separatist insurgency which also targets government officials and security agencies.

Nation 22JUL12


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