India, Russia discuss strengthening military ties

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin today met Defence Minister A K Antony on 17JUL12 and discussed ways of further strengthening military ties between the two countries. The two sides are believed to have discussed the ongoing cooperation in supply of hardware and the related issues.

Russia, the biggest arms supplier to India, has been a reliable vendor for India since the cold war era and majority of the weapon systems in the Indian armed forces are of the Russian origin.

The two countries are working on co-development programmes such as the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) project, Multirole Transport Aircraft (MRTA), warship building projects, and possibly the GLONASS system.

The two sides have also faced problems in their defence ties in the recent past over commercial issues including over-pricing of defence equipment by the Russian side.

The biggest example in this field was Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier whose price was increased by Russia several times and India had to pay USD 2.3 billion for the deal.

Earlier in the day, the Russian dignitary visited the Indo-Russian Joint Venture BrahMos aerospace complex here where he was given a detailed presentation of the development of the cruise missile and its different versions.

BS 17JUL12


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