Planning Commission to Partner with State Governments in 12th Plan

MS Ahluwalia

The Planning Commission on 6JUL12 held a meeting with the Vice Chairmen of State Planning Boards and Planning Secretaries to exchange views on key issues facing the Center and the States in the Twelfth Plan.

This was the first time that a consultation was being held with Vice Chairmen of Planning Boards and Planning Secretaries of the States.

Deputy Chairman Shri Ahluwalia said that there were many sector-specific success stories in many parts of the country that were not sufficiently acknowledged or replicated. He felt that the planning processes, and our methods of funding, should be restructured to encourage experimentation and innovation, and to reward success.

Five selected states—Bihar, Gujarat, Kerala, Meghalaya, and Tamil Nadu made brief presentations about how they had improved their process of planning. This was followed by an open discussion with all states. The last session came up with specific ways in which the Commission and the States could work together to more effectively address the many challenges of the 12th Plan.

This meeting was attended by the Vice/Deputy Chairmen of the Planning Boards of fourteen States; two other States were represented by their Chief Secretaries. The remaining States and Union Territories had sent their Principal Secretaries of their Planning Departments.


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