Jawahar Thakur New Controller General of Accounts

Jawahar Thakur

Shri Jawahar Thakur has taken over as Controller General of Accounts on 1st July, 2012. He belongs to the Indian Civil Accounts Service of 1979 batch.

Shri Thakur is a Post Graduate and also a Law Graduate from Delhi University. He has a Degree of M.Sc. in Public Economic Management from University of Birmingham, U.K. and Diploma in Public Financial Management from the University of Strathclyde, UK. He has also undergone training in the University of Georgia and Harward University, USA. He has extensive experience in the areas of Public Financial Management and has worked in diverse capacities in the Ministries of Earth Sciences, Commerce, Human Resource Development, Science & Technology, Labour, Health, Home Affairs and Finance. He is known for his initiatives in the area of development of an effective financial management information system.

Mr Thakur has played a key role in the area of developing an effective financial management information system, his latest initiative being the complete computerisation of revenue accounting in the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

In the Department of Expenditure, Mr Thakur stressed that accounting information should be available on real time basis to enable informed decision-making. Some of his initiatives include extending the coverage of electronic payments to ensure quick and transparent disbursements, comprehensive relook at the chart of accounts to make it more informative and improving the effectiveness of internal audit for better financial management in the Government.

Mr Thakur is also credited with making efforts to bring down unspent balances lying in various bank accounts by suggesting fund-tracking, expenditure management and monitoring of funds flow on the non-Plan side as well.



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