Parasaran and Mrinal Miri Appointed as Members of Rajya Sabha

Parasaran and Mrinal Miri

The President of India has approved the nomination of Shri. K Parasaran and Prof. Mrinal Miri as Members of Rajya Sabha. The eminent personalities have been nominated under Article 80 of the Constitution of India.

Shri. K Parasaran has been appointed for a term of six years from the date of notification to be issued by the Government. Shri Parasaran was Advocate General of Tamil Nadu and subsequently the Solicitor General of India. He was also the Attorney General of India between 1983-1989, and was recently awarded Padma Vibhushan in 2011.

Prof. Mrinal Miri has been appointed to the vacancy provided by the premature demise of Dr. Ram Dayal Munda. His tenure will be upto March 21, 2016. Prof. Miri is a noted philosopher and educator and has been the Director of the Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla and later Vice Chancellor of North Eastern Hill University. He has been awarded with the Padma Bhushan for his contribution in the field of education.


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