African student beaten & stoned in Punjab

Yannick before his attack, and now in hospital

In June 25, a man named Nestor Ntibateganya wrote to the chief minister of Punjab, describing the condition of his son, who lies in a coma in a hospital in Patiala. Two months before that, on April 22, Yannick Nihangaza, 23, was walking to a party in Jalandhar after classes at university.

For reasons not clear, he was attacked and stoned, severely beaten and left on the roadside. Strangers eventually found him and took him to the hospital.

Two people have been arrested by the Jalandhar Police; there are others, presumed suspects, who are reported missing.

The Burundian envoy to India told NDTV that the attackers mistook Yannick for a Congolese student who had fought with them earlier.

His father has written to the chief minister, Parkash Singh Badal, twice, asking for help. He wants the others who irreversibly damaged his son’s brain with their repeated beatings to be punished. And he wants the government to help fly Yannick back to Burundi and pay for the medical attention he is likely to need for the rest of his life. Two letters, both unanswered.

Those who know the family point out that Yannick, a young man “who survived the Burundian genocide and 13-year civil war, came to India to pursue his studies and instead has had his life snuffed out.”


**A 28 minute special from NDTV available here


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