Transportation of Passengers & Goods by Indian Railways Exempted from Service Tax for Three Months

Bangalore-Hindupur High Horse Power Diesel Multiple Unit

The Ministry of Finance has issued a notification today exempting the two kinds of services provided by Indian Railways namely Service of transportation of passengers (with or without accompanied belongings) in 1st class or in Air Conditioned Coach and services by way of transportation of goods, from the whole of service tax levied under section 66-B of the Finance Act 1994. The exemption would be effective up to 30th September 2012.

The Ministry of Railways has been pursuing the case with the Ministry of Finance for exempting Indian Railways from the levy of Service Tax in its entirety. Shri Mukul Roy, Minister of Railways had taken up the issue with the Prime Minister, in his capacity as the Minister of Finance, and had emphasized that the role performed by the Railways is primarily aimed at fostering inclusive growth through effective discharge of its social obligation. It was also brought out that Indian Railways do not operate for profit as a motive. While seeking exemption for the Railways, Shri Mukul Roy pointed out that Rail is the preferred mode of transport, not only for the bulk of passengers but also for carrying essential commodities and any levy of Service Tax would have an adverse impact on a large cross section of the society which may lead to spiraling inflationary pressure.

(PIB 01JUN12)


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