Prime Minister’s Meeting on Targets for Infrastructure FY 12-13

PM Manmohan Singh

A meeting was held by the Prime Minister on 6JUN12 to finalise the targets for infrastructure for the year 2012-13. The meeting was attended by the Ministers and Secretaries of key infrastructure Ministries – Power, Railways, Roads, Shipping, Civil Aviation and Coal.

Highlights of the Targets:

A. Ports:

1. The target for FY 12-13 will consist of a total of 42 projects. These will be for a value of Rs 14,500 crores and a capacity of 244 MTPA. This is three times what was achieved last year.

2. Two projects for brand new Major Ports will be taken up during the year.

a) These will be in East Coast (Andhra Pradesh) and West Bengal.

b) The total investment will be Rs 20,500 crores for a capacity of 116 MTPA.

3. The total capacity which will be awarded this year will be 360 MTPA with an investment of Rs 35,000 crores.

B. Roads:

1. Total Road length to be awarded in FY 12-13 will be 9,500 kms, an increase of 18.7% over last year. The investment will rise by 73.6%.

2. 4,360 kms of roads will be awarded for maintenance under the OMT (Operate, Maintain, Transfer) system for the first time.

C. Civil Aviation:

1. Work on Itanagar airport would be commenced by AAI. The total investment on AAI projects will be Rs 2100 crores.

2. Three new Greenfield Projects will be awarded in FY 13. These will be at Navi Mumbai, Goa and Kannur.

3. New international airports will be declared in 3 or 4 of the following locations this year – Lucknow, Varanasi,Coimbatore, Trichy and Gaya.

4. An airline hub policy would be finalised and Hubs would be operationalised at Delhi and Chennai in FY13.

5. By end-July 2012, additional PPP projects would be finalised for 10-12 existing airports and for 10-12 greenfieldairports. These would be awarded during the year.

6. PPP in airport operations would be explored.

D. Railways: These targets are only for PPP projects. The regular operational and investment targets are known.

1. Dedicated Freight Corridor – PPP for the Sonnagar – Dankuni stretch will be awarded in FY 12-13.

2. Elevated Rail Corridor, Mumbai with a total investment of Rs 20,000 crores will be awarded in awarded in FY 12-13.

3. The concessions for two locomotive manufacturing units at Madhepura and Marhowra will be awarded.

4. Station redevelopment of 4/ 5 station will be done in PPP mode.

5. Proposal and approach for a High Speed Corridor (Bullet Train) from Mumbai to Ahmedabad will be finalised.

E. Power:

1. The capacity addition target for this year will be 18,000 MW (17,957 MW to be precise) including 2,000 MW to be added by the Kudankulam Atomic Power Project.

2. The power generation target is 930 billion Units, an increase of 6.2%.

3. Ministry of Power is increasingly laying transmission lines with higher voltage (765 KV in place of 400 KV) and consequently of higher transmission capacity per kilometre.

F. Coal:

1. CIL will disptach 470 MT of coal to all sectors, an increase of 8.8%. Of this, it will dispatch 347 MT coal to the power sector in FY 12-13 against 312 MT dispatched last year (a 11.2% increase).


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