Anand Sharma Addresses National Seminar on Foreign Trade Polic

Anand Sharma

Addressing a National Seminar on Foreign Trade Policy organized by FICCI, on 8JUN12, the Union Minister of Commerce Industry and Textiles Shri Anand Sharma said that “we have persisted in providing a stable policy regime through our Foreign Trade Policy which has provided a measure of confidence and continuity for our exporting community.” In doing so, new markets have been added in the new Policy and domestic procurement process has been made transparent.

Continuing on the theme of market diversification, the Minister said “Our exports to Asia, Africa and Latin America last year amounted to US$ 188 billion comprising 62% of total export basket which is indeed a significant development.” This year’s Annual Supplement of FTP has added 14 new markets under different schemes.

The Minister referred to the objective of doubling up the trade by 2014 and making South Asian economic integration a reality while opening up investment opportunities to China.

(PIB 08JUN12)


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